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Our Story

Since its incorporation in 2001, Keosys has been focused on advancing the medical imaging field. Following several years of experience in the clinical practice space selling workstations and storage solutions to radiologists across the world, Keosys ventured into the clinical research field in 2008. Since then Keosys has established itself as a leading international imaging CRO, working in all major continents on over 100 trials, leading to drug approvals in all major territories. Today Keosys offers advanced scientific and operational services to major pharmaceutical companies, helping them with their growing imaging needs during their drug development process.

Our History

Our History

Keosys Medical Imaging

Incorporation of Keosys Medical Imaging in Saint-Herblain, France with advanced knowledge in both medical imaging and telecommunication.




Launch of our patented Positoscope, the first electronic light box for PET/CT centralized interpretation with advanced file sharing functionalities.

PACS System

Launch of our vendor-neutral PACS system and CD burner, including fused hybrid imaging viewing capabilities.



Advanced Nuclear Medicine Workstations

Extension of our product offering with the development of Advanced Nuclear Medicine Workstations (25% share of the French market within a few years).

Imaging Provider for H10

Keosys acts as imaging provider for H10, the first multicenter European study involving image-based treatment arm selection, in partnership with EORTC.



Imaging CRO

Keosys focuses on becoming an imaging CRO and providing imaging services in clinical trials.

IMAGYS Platform

Keosys works with academics, medical experts and pharmaceutical companies to design and implement a state-of-the-art, web-based imaging platform to be used in clinical trials. The IMAGYS platform is born.



First Phase III Study

Signature of our first Phase III study with a U.S.-based major pharmaceutical company (in lymphoma).

Remote Reading Solutions

Launch of our proprietary Remote Reading Solutions (patented), allowing physicians to view and analyze multi-modality medical images with diagnostic grade quality.



Keosys U.S. and Asia

Launch of our U.S. and Asia offices. Keosys joins a large international trial in the Asian market.

Investment From JMC Family Office

JMC Family Office, based in NYC,  invests in Keosys to help further the growth of the company and expand its capabilities across the world. Launch of a big data research project with the aim of improving operational efficiencies and lowering costs of clinical trials.



FDA and EMA Clearance

Keosys completes a large international Phase III project leading FDA and EMA clearance (No 483 letters from FDA).

Early-stage Studies

Keosys begins working on early-stage diagnostic studies involving complex read designs and early-stage development.




The company continues to grow and evolve its imaging platform, read system and its value-added features to best meet the needs of researchers across the globe.